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Indoor air flow through a HVAC filter
The Most Common Indoor Air Pollutants
Figuring out what common pollutants you may be exposed to is important so you can learn how to improve your indoor quality.
Furnace Check
Why Is My Furnace Making Noises?
Furnaces, especially older furnaces will make some noise. While some sounds are normal, other sounds are a cause for concern.
Musty Furnace Smell
Why Is My Furnace Making My House Smell?
Your furnace is prone to making a smell every now and then. While some smells are completely normal, there are some other common smells that aren't.
poor air quality
Can My Air Quality Be Causing My Constant Fatigue?
Whenever air quality is poor, problems like allergy flare-ups, headaches, and respiratory illnesses can occur. It can even affect your energy levels.
whole home air purifier
Are Air Purifiers Worth It?
With the promise of filtering out all airborne pollutants, it's easy to see why air purifiers are all the rage. However, are they really worth the money?
Furnace Issues
Why Does My Furnace Keep Shutting Off?
Unfortunately, sometimes your furnace may not cycle correctly and will shut off too quickly. This can be caused by a number of different factors.