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There is more to indoor air quality than just the sense of smell that detects odors indoors. Microorganisms that you cannot see are often the cause of poor indoor air quality. These can come from heating and cooling systems that are not maintained. This is true for all residential, industrial, and commercial HVAC systems.

Service Express Heating & Air Conditioning can fix the immediate problems and follow up with tips to improve poor indoor air quality. Before poor quality air causes you or your family to get sick, let our professionals help. You will have an HVAC professional consultant right at your fingertips. We offer many products to improve your indoor air quality.

Air Quality


Since 1954, AprilAire has been creating humidifiers for home and business purposes. With their whole-home humidifier, AprilAire provides a comfortable environment that helps preserve your home and protect your health. Each whole-home humidifier comes with their Healthy Humidity promise and digital controls for simplistic control.

We carry a wide range of AprilAire whole-home humidifiers for your home and your needs. To see which whole-home humidifier is best for you and your family, let our professionals help.

AprilAire Humidifiers

UV Lighting

At Service Express Heating & Air Conditioning, we are proud to install APCO UV Light Home Air Purifiers. This air filtration system fights common airborne contaminants like dust and other biological contaminants in your home’s air. It also helps to reduce volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in the air throughout the home. You cannot get this type of protection by only using conventional filtration.

APCO UV Light has germ-killing properties that can remove any contaminants. From there, it releases air that only consists of clean carbon dioxide and harmless water vapor. It also destroys odor-causing airborne bacteria, while sterilizing the air stream from other viruses and allergens. This can include mold and other VOCs.

APCO UV Light Home Air Purifiers

Air Cleaners

To keep the air in your home clean, Service Express Heating & Air Conditioning uses Dynamic Air Cleaners. Dynamic Air Cleaners also help to keep your home and family clean, healthy, and safe. These work with most systems and can block up to 97% of particles.

Dynamic air filters reduce pollen, dust, smoke, dander, mold, bacteria, and emissions from a home's air. This helps the HVAC system work better while keeping you and your family healthy.

Dynamic Air Cleaners

Air Purifiers

Service Express Heating & Air Conditioning often recommends the AprilAire Whole-House air purifier to improve the air quality in your home. With AprilAire’s Whole-House air purifiers, you will have clean air and a healthier home.

This device removes pollutants, protects your HVAC system, and even identifies climate conditions. AprilAire offers several whole-house air purifiers to meet your family’s needs. AprilAire’s Whole House humidifiers are broken down into three main categories.

The 1000 Series includes the 1110, 1210, 1310, 1410, 1510, 1610, 1620, and 1910 models. These air purifiers help reduce the amount of dust, pet dander, mold, and pollen in your home. These models come equipped with a Clean Air MERV 11 filter. But some models can also use the Healthy Home MERV 13 filter or the Allergy & Asthma MERV 16 filter.

The 2000 Series includes the 2210, 2310, and 2410 models. These air purifiers do what the 1000 series models do, with the added benefit of removing dust mites. These models come with Healthy Home MERV 13 filters. But some modes can also use the Clean Air MERV 11 filter, the Odor Reduction MERV 13CBN filter, or the Allergy & Asthma MERV 16 filter.

The Advanced 2000 series includes the 2216, 2416, and 2516 models. These air purifiers offer the best protection against airborne viruses and contaminants. These models come with Allergy & Asthma MERV 16 filter. But some models can also use the Clean Air MERV 11 filter, the Healthy Home MERV 13 filter, or the Odor Reduction MERV 13CBN filters.

air purifier

Get the Right Solution

For more information on air quality options for your home or business, call us today or schedule an appointment using our online form. With our Service Agreements, we can keep you and your family breathing better all year long.