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Smart Thermostat

Lower Your A/C Costs This Summer

There's a need to air condition your home in the summer when it's hot and humid outside. It's also understandable to focus on HVAC costs when staying comfortable indoors. The good news is that you can stay safe and comfy inside without over-stretching your budget. We offer tips below on what you can do to lower AC-related costs this summer.

Consider a Smart Thermostat

With a smart thermostat, you'll be able to air condition your home in a way that's good for everyone inside. Plus, it will still help to lower your AC costs. Unlike a standard thermostat, smart thermostats have many money-saving features, including:

  • Mobile app accessibility so you can track and adjust your settings
  • Programmable options that can adjust settings for you throughout the day
  • More precise control over how and when your AC runs

Adjust Your Thermostat's Location

Your air conditioner kicks on based on the reading that's on your thermostat. If it's in a location that could receive more heat, this could be why your summer AC costs are higher. A thermostat by uncovered windows or on a wall by a door often detects higher temperatures. Your thermostat should be in a shaded place that is away from doors. Here, it's not exposed to anything that could throw off the temperature.

Kick the Temp Up a Bit on Your Thermostat

The Department of Energy recommends 78 as the "sweet spot" for thermostats in the summer to save money. But, this isn't always going to work for you. Keep in mind that raising the temperature even a few degrees can lead to lower AC-related costs.

Keep Blinds and Curtains Closed During Sunnier Times of the Day

Sunshine is necessary and generally a good thing, but it can also bring extra heat into your home in the summer. The added heat from Mother Nature makes your cooling system work harder. This then contributes to higher operating costs. Lower your AC costs by closing blinds or curtains in rooms where the sun tends to flow in during the day. You can always opt for automatic blinds that can be set to open and close to avoid needing to do this yourself each day.

Get Some Help from Ceiling Fans

When moving counterclockwise, ceiling fans bring air conditioned air down into the room. This reduces strain on your AC and reduces "wasted" cool air that's not helping anyone. What's more, you may be able to up your thermostat's temperature by as much as 4 degrees when using ceiling fans. You won't even be able to notice a difference in comfort.

Have an Energy Audit Done

Is your HVAC system new or in good condition and your summer cooling costs are still higher? If so, consider having an energy audit done. A local contractor or utility provider often offers this service. An energy audit involves an evaluation of your home's energy efficiency. It includes looking for air leaks, like windows and doors that lack proper insulation. Addressing these issues often rewards you with lower HVAC costs.

Call Us Today

One way to lower your air conditioning costs this summer is to talk to our HVAC professionals. If your current system is older or showing signs of not being efficient, we can offer advice and service. Contact us today to schedule an appointment with an HVAC professional from our team.