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Home Energy Audit

How to do a Home Energy Audit for Your Home

Doing a home energy audit can help you in many ways. It can help you find air leaks, make sure your insulation is okay, and ensure that your home is energy efficient. It will help you to determine which areas in your home need improvement. By making these improvements, you can make your home even more energy efficient. Plus, these changes help you save money in the long run.

Inspecting Your HVAC System

Whether you realize it or not, your HVAC system has many parts. To do a home energy audit with your HVAC system, you’ll need to check all these parts. You will want to inspect your HVAC system by doing the following:

  • Thermostat. You will want to inspect your thermostat. Replace the batteries, and make sure that it is running as it should. If you notice that the thermostat is not working, you may need to replace it. You can also call out an HVAC professional for a replacement.
  • Inspect the ductwork. If your HVAC system has dirty ductwork, this can make your unit work harder than it should. This causes it to pull more energy. Have your ductwork cleaned at least once a year to ensure that your air is clean and your unit is running.
  • Change the air filter. If your air filter has a clog, it will cause your unit to pull too much energy. Change your air filter every month for the best benefits.
  • Get a maintenance package. The best way to keep your HVAC system working and better your efficiency is to get a maintenance package. They will come out twice a year to ensure that your air conditioner and furnace are working as they should. This can help to save you money on your monthly energy bills.

Check Insulation

You will now want to look at your insulation levels in your home. Check your attic to make sure that you have enough insulation. If it is not leveled and spread over the attic floor, you will need to do this as soon as possible. If there is not enough insulation, you will want to add to it to ensure that your home does not lose air.

You will then want to check your wall insulation to ensure that it is there and that it is performing at its best. Some older homes are not insulated well or not insulated at all. If you do not have enough insulation, you will want to get this repaired as soon as possible.

While you are inspecting the insulation, make sure that you check your home for air leaks. Air leaks can cause your home energy audit to be higher than what you want. This is because you are losing your temperature-controlled air. If you find an air leak, you will want to repair it immediately.

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If you find any issues with your home energy audit and you think your HVAC system is the cause, call us today. Our team of HVAC professionals is here to help you to save money while heating and cooling your home.