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What Is A BTU Rating And Why Should You Care?

You have most likely seen the term BTU when looking up air conditioners. BTU stands for British Thermal Unit and it is a measure of heat energy. Air conditioning units use BTUs to describe the size of an air conditioner. The higher a BTU rating, the more the air conditioner can cool your home.

Why A BTU Rating Is Important

It is imperative that your HVAC system has the right BTU rating for your home. When your HVAC system has a low BTU rating, it can lead to the air conditioner not being able to cool your home. Undersized systems can cause many issues. These can include frequent breakdowns, premature failure, and uneven temperatures throughout your home.

Too high of a BTU rating can also cause problems as well. If the HVAC system is too large, it can have a shorter lifespan as it will have to work too hard to cool your home. It will also cause a larger energy consumption, and this will increase your utility bills.

How to Tell Your BTU Rating Needs

There are several ways that you can determine the proper BTU rating for your cooling needs:

  • Square footage. The square footage of your home will determine how many BTUs you will need. If you do not know the square footage of your home, look at your deed or talk to your HVAC professional.
  • Floorplan. The layout of your house plays a big factor in BTU calculations. How high your ceilings are will also play a role in the calculations.
  • Location. The location of your home will also play a factor. If you are in a warmer area, you will need more cooling capacity than you would if you were in a cooler climate. If your house is westward facing, towards the sun, you will also need more BTUs.
  • Windows and insulation. When your home has proper windows and is well insulated, it will be more energy efficient. This will need fewer BTUs to cool your home.

The best way to calculate your BTU needs for your HVAC system is to contact an HVAC professional. Allow them to determine the best system for your home. They will be able to measure your home. You will have an energy-efficient unit to cool your home without raising your bills. Plus, they will make sure this new unit will not increase the wear and tear on your existing system.

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