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Whether you make your home in Chicago or Chicago’s Suburbs, Unico forced air conditioning is one of the best solutions for cooling (or heating) a home that has hot water heat. Service Express has installed and maintained hundreds of Unico forced air conditioners with great customer satisfaction.

The Unico "Mini-Duct" system cools (and heats) residences evenly and quietly. It has a unique “aspiration” air flow much in the same way that a whirlpool jet mixes water. There is never more than a 2-degree temperature variation from floor to ceiling. Unico High Velocity Heating and Cooling Systems remove up to 30% more humidity from the air than to low velocity systems. Even in the warmest, most humid Chicago months, the air in your house will be dryer and more comfortable.

Unico Mini-ducts Weave through the Smallest Spaces

Rather than relying on bulky ductwork, Unico High Velocity Air Conditioners use small diameter mini-ducts. Once installed, the system is almost invisible and extremely quiet. Its small outlets will not mar the walls, and will blend perfectly into any interior design. However, what is most impressive is the system’s flexibility. The mini-ducts are able to be guided through ceilings, walls and even floors, so there is no need for costly, messy renovation. For this reason, the air conditioner is a favorite choice for older homes where the installation of ductwork is impractical and expensive. Unico high velocity air conditioners have been widely used in historic homes and buildings where conventional ductwork or renovation to accommodate a low flow system would be cost prohibitive.

This high velocity HVAC system is very compatible with radiant heat floors as well, whether brand new or older construction. In the colder months, the Unico System can be used to supply instant, on-demand heating while waiting for the radiant floor system to heat up.

Summer or winter, once installed, you’ll hardly notice this system. All you’ll know is that your home is perfectly comfortable— warm in winter; cool in summer, quiet all year round.

Here are the most popular Unico models:

Model 2430 Requires a minimum of 10 outlets and is adaptable from 2 to 2.5 nominal tons.
Model 3642 Requires a minimum of 15 outlets and is adaptable from 3 to 3.5 nominal tons.
Model 4860 Requires a minimum of 20 outlets and is adaptable from 4 to 5 nominal tons.

Please don’t hesitate to contact your Unique Home Comfort Consultant for more details on Unico high velocity air conditioning and heating.

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