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SpacePak Central Air Conditioning

The High Velocity System That Solves Problems


Service Express often called on customers in Chicago and the Chicago Suburbs who wanted high velocity central air conditioning where conventional air conditioning systems weren’t practical. These were homes heated with hot water and didn’t have ducts; steam or electric radiant heated homes; older homes with limited space or historical landmark homes. The SpacePak system, developed by Service Express, solves your toughest high velocity air conditioning problems.



Now Any Home Can Have High Velocity Central Air Conditioning

SpacePak makes it easy to have high velocity air conditioning. This unique high velocity air conditioner doesn’t use large sheet metal ducts but small diameter insulated tubing. The tubing is small enough for use behind existing wall construction. Cool air is delivered through nearly invisible round openings in ceilings, walls and floors. In addition to cooling the air, SpacePak’s design removes up to 30% more moisture from the air than conventional central air conditioning systems. Lower humidity leads to more comfortable sleeping – not to mention greater energy efficiency.

SpacePak is Proven throughout Chicago

SpacePak has proven itself! The high velocity air conditioner cools using the aspiration principle. The high velocity air stream gently mixes with the air in the room and provides uniform, draft-free cooling. This process eliminates hot and cold layers in each room by keeping the air evenly and comfortably distributed from floor to ceiling. The SpacePak air conditioning system is quiet in use and is very efficient.

Service Express is pleased to offer free SpacePak cost estimates. It is not only an efficient high velocity HVAC system, it is very cost effective. ServiceExpress can show you how the SpacePak central air conditioning system fits into your plans. We'll determine your equipment needs and make sure your new SpacePak system provides years of carefree comfort for you and your family.


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