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5 Warning Signs You Need an HVAC Repair

Some signs of a failing HVAC system should never be ignored. Look out for these 5 warning signs that you need an HVAC repair.

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What if your air conditioner was dying and you didn’t even know it?

Many homeowners need HVAC repair, but they don’t know it until it’s too late. But if you’re worried about potentially needing AC repair, you don’t need to be caught by surprise.

Instead, you just need to know the warning signs. Keep reading to discover the biggest warnings you should pay attention to!

1. Lack of Cool Air

Wondering if you need HVAC repair? Sometimes, the biggest warning signs are also the most obvious!

For example, if your air conditioner is no longer producing cold air like it once did, that’s a major warning sign. This may include the air simply not being cold or potentially airflow problems throughout the house.

Remember, such issues don’t happen at random. If you’re not getting cold air and good airflow, you probably need some AC repair.

2. Weird Smell

Believe it or not, a major warning sign about your HVAC is strange smells. And different smells may be a warning about different things.

If the smell is a bit like a rotten egg, then you may have a gas leak. In that case, evacuate the house and contact an HVAC professional right away.

Other smells, including the smell of mold or a kind of burning smell, may indicate malfunctions with your unit that require heating repair and/or cooling repair.

3. Thermostat Trouble

When there’s a problem with the temperature, we usually assume there is a problem with the HVAC. Sometimes, though, there is a problem with your thermostat instead.

The biggest warning sign of this is that the temperature is very different in different parts of your house. That may signify you simply need to replace the thermostat. In that case, buying a smart thermostat can ultimately help you save quite a bit of money!

4. High Energy Bills

If you potentially need air conditioning repair, one of the warning signs doesn’t come from your HVAC unit. Instead, it comes right from your mailbox!

When your energy bills are unexpectedly high, that is usually a warning sign that your HVAC is not working like it is supposed to work. If there is a problem, it will work much harder to cool the house, and you’ll see evidence when the bill arrives.

Fortunately, repairing or replacing your HVAC unit can return those bills to normal. And with an energy-efficient unit, the bills may be lower than ever.

5. Moisture and Leaks

Sometimes, you have to visually inspect the outside unit. And if that unit seems to be leaking, then it’s a sign of a problem.

The leak may be refrigerant, and the loss of that refrigerant will affect AC performance. There may also be an issue with the unit’s drain tube.

Once you contact an AC professional, they can quickly diagnose and repair the issue.

HVAC Repair: Your Next Move

Now you know the biggest warning signs that you need HVAC repair. But do you know who you can trust with AC repair, furnace repair, and boiler repair??

Here at Service Express, we specialize in fast service and affordable prices, including emergency service air conditioning. To see what we can do for you, contact us today!

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